Publicity for Web sites is more than just submitting it to a few major search engines, such as Yahoo, Webcrawler, and Lycos. While these are musts, they are only prerequisites to the requirements needed for a truly successful and newsworthy site.

First, all possibly interested groups should be notified, in newsgroups, mailing lists, and related pages that will offer a link to your page. Shoestring Graphics can do all this for you, plus submit your site to heavily trafficked "Cool Site of the Day"-type sites that could bring thousands of visitors to you immediately.

Another avenue often overlooked by Web Design companies is using traditional media to publicize your site. Shoestring Graphics can author and distribute professional press releases to all forms of the media, including newspapers, magazines, television stations, and more. You'll be flooded with visitors when your site gets published.

Gradually, you should incorporate your Web presence and Web "address" into your marketing strategy. Print, billboard, and broadcast advertising should state your address when possible. Even your catalogs, flyers, packaging and letterhead can publicize your site.


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