Make It Fast!

Make It Fast
Ever been frustrated when you went to a site and had to wait for it to download?

Have you ever played a game of solitaire or actually folded laundry waiting for an entire document to download? And then find it wasn't what you were looking for? (We have.) Or maybe you groaned while unnecessarily large graphics or "special effects" played out, forcing you to wait to get to the content you really wanted?

A growing number of Web users have a relatively slow connection to the Internet, utilizing a 14.4 or 28.8 modem. Shoestring Graphics takes extra steps to make the connection between your organization and its visitors as quickly as possible.

Access to your page should be fast. Large graphics and a slow connection to the Internet yield unsatisfactory results. Keep your graphics small in size and limited in colors (256 or less). After all, the most important part of this Internet work is its end user!


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